The Windmill Ranches HOA is made up of volunteers. Each area of volunteer assistance is a vital part of the continuing operation of the WRHOA.  This enthusiastic, productive group of dedicated volunteers generously donates its time and talents to assure the continued success of our Homeowners Association. We appreciate all the volunteers that help maintain the value of our property. The WRHOA invites you to get involved! As a volunteer, you will help to support and promote an appreciation of our property. If you are interested in serving please email  

Available Positions –

  • Road Committee

5 thoughts on “Volunteer Opportunities”

  1. It’s Hi I met Bob petty when I came out recently and I think I might be decent if it’s not too much time commitment cause I’m already very busy but the reason I think I might be a good volunteer as I have worked with my brother doing different kinds of constructions I figure out things pretty easy like building houses putting in the electricity landscape and such I probably can’t give more than 5 hours per week and I probably won’t move out there full time for at least one And year if that’s something you can find a thing for me to do I did be interested.

  2. Hello I believe I might be able to give some time to be a volunteer. I have 34 years of counselling and also admin experience as a team leader I know some construction and landscaping and learn quickly please call me if or email if you think I will be a potential fit

  3. Hey Brad,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to seeing you ok your next visit. When you are out here give me a call and if we are working on something be glad to have your help. Once you move here there are several things you would be good doing, like maybe the road crew. We always have stuff going on.
    Bob Petty

  4. My name is Chris Watts (not the colorado Chris Watts…could he have any other name please)! My wife and I lived in Rio Rancho for 7 years 2012 to 2019, when we moved back to Indiana (not for the weather). We loved New Mexico, but aging parents a need to be close took precedent. Having said all of that, i keep looking at properties, for potential moves back and investment. I am an astronomer, member of Albuquerque Astronomy Society, and have been to this area a few times visiting a fellow astronomy acquaintance. I keep looking at some of the lots in this Windmill development. Is this a decent investment for someone remote, and who may not be building their until a few years later?


    1. Chris- please give me a call and we can talk. 575-973-7105. Leave a message I normally don’t answer if I don’t recognize number.
      Bob Petty

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